The basics of starting your own computer support company

The basics of starting your own computer support company

Everyday I seem to struggle and in some way solve my own computer problems. Its very frustrating not to mention time consuming when all my pieces in the computer seem to be in conflict with each other. Even a simple printer error may require a big hole in my day. But I can only imagine the panic of others who are much less computer-learned than I am because they are in a problem with even the simplest computer glitches that they have no idea how to solve.

This made me think about how even with some training and experience, almost everyone could find themselves as a computer support for small businesses and individuals working at home. Have you noticed how everything seems to stop in business when the computer stops because we are so dependent on them?

Some computer users and companies with even a simple but frustrating problem find that computer experts are so expensive today that it may be cheaper to go out and buy a new computer. Even the simplest glitch can seem like a big thing for someone with very little experience and knowledge about computers. Not only does a new computer purchase unnecessary but is a waste of our planets limited resources. Imagine the relief these people would feel if they had someone to claim to solve these glitches quickly.

Anyone who trusts a computer to run their own home business poking on the day when the computer will have trouble. Many of these people have little knowledge of how a computer works and their biggest fear is that their computer will freeze and they will lose all their data. Weve all heard the stories about the hard drive crash with all the data lost, but most of those working from home do not know what to do to make sure their data is backed up on removable hard disks or an online backup service. After crashing two hard drives themselves, it was a real pain to get everything back to normal even with sufficient backups. Only by helping these people design an adequate backup system to make their lives less stressful will they believe they will call you when they have future computer problems.

Its a good idea to start locally so you can be called out to handle computer problems on site or so people can bring their computers to you to be repaired. You can also consider offering online support for simple problems and program support. Most importantly, you need somewhere clean and organized to work. You may also need to get a company license and insurance to protect your business. Also, you should invest in some programs to help you diagnose problems and stay up to date with what are the best antivirus scanners, because many problems are now being created by computer viruses.

Since most of your potential customers will be online, you build yourself a website. A properly optimized website helps you become famous even in your own area. Optimize your site for local searches by finding out what your local potential customers are looking for when they have computer problems. Use this information to also target local paid advertising.

If you can solve the majority of your own computer problems, you already have a lot of knowledge to help solve other peoples computer problems as well. The hardest part of starting your own computer support business will be marketing and finding suitable customers. So take care of your customers because they will spread the word and bring in more business for you. People love to get their computer locks and will be happy to tell others about it, whether its not that big deal for you. Keep in mind that great deals to others can help your bank account.

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