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Mike Vecchione On Stage
Many thanks to everyone who made Wednesday night’s Tribute To Mike DeStefano a huge success. It was fantastic to see over 700 people come out to support and celebrate one of the greatest comedians we were blessed to know. Everyone worked so hard to make it a night to remember.

Thanks to Rich Vos, Mike Vecchione, Kurt Metzger, Bonnie McFarlane, Eugene Mirman, Robert Kelly, & Colin Quinn for dedicating their time by coming down to perform for Mikey. They were all great to watch. 

Thanks to Cris Italia, David Kimowitz, and Paul Italia for making it all happen. All 3 of those men have kept Cringe Humor alive and it’s stronger than ever.

Thanks to Christine Evans from Stand Up NY for helping out. Thanks to Kim Hannwacker, the newest member of our Management team. More on that soon!

Thanks to James Denebedetto for the amazing banner that brought Mikey to life on stage.

Thanks to Frank Mosca, Harry Terjanian and everyone else at Harrington Talents for that incredible tribute video we closed the show with.

Thanks to Joe, John, Tommy, Helen, and the rest of the DeStefano family for being such a pleasure to work with.

Thanks to the lovely Lois Tiernay for convincing Mike to work with us last year. The rest is history.

Thanks to Barry Rosenberg, Meredith Landis Trotter, and Lauren Balaban for their PR work. Thanks to Matthew Love for dedicating a full page article to Mike and a review of the event in Time Out New York.

Thanks to the Howard Stern Show for allowing Colin Quinn to come on and promote the event.

Thanks to LaMott Jackson for coming down and taking pictures of the show. One of the few supporters of Cringe from it’s inception.

Thanks to Louis Faranda, Brian Baldinger, and Josh Eldridge from Carolines for allowing us to do our thing at the New York Comedy Festival. This business amazes me sometimes.

Thanks to Dylan Gadino, Tasha Harris, Stephen Bloom, and all the other comedy blogs who helped spread the word about the event.

And most of all thanks to everyone who came out. From friends of Mikey’s, those in recovery, and fellow comedians, we hope we did Mikey proud. Many more events in his honor to come. I admit though, this one will be tough to beat.

50 great images from the benefit courtesy of LaMott Jackson can be found by clicking here

Check out this great recap of the event courtesy of Matthew Love from Time Out New York

Paul @ Carnegie Hall
In other news, Cringe Humor’s own Paul Vrizi received an amazing birthday gift Friday night. He got to open for Bill Burr at Carnegie Hall as part of the New York Comedy Festival.

Paul has been one of the most gracious, humble, and hard working comedians we’ve ever crossed paths with. Almost too good to be true. His attitude is a standard that all comedians in the business should follow.

On to bigger & better things for him!

Check out this great video I stumbled upon of Patrice O’Neal giving some advice as part of The Comic Strip Live’s Lottery Show this past September

While I won’t be giving details on Patrice’s recovery, I encourage you to send your well wishes by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Congrats to Sam Morril for being showcased at the NYCF as part of their Comics To Watch show. Sam is a brilliant, classic joke writer who will be blowing up in NYC soon. Catch him live as soon as you can.

Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange have been doing a great job with their sports talk radio show. Nice to see Artie back and sounding wonderful. He hasn’t skipped a beat while DiPaolo is hilarious as always. Do check them out and listen live weeknights from 10pm-1am EST by visiting

Kudos to the New York Comedy Festival for opening up and allowing tons of great events spread out through many venues to be a part of it. This felt like a true comedy festival, and here’s to hoping next year will be bigger and somehow better.

A truly brilliant, and intelligent performer doesn’t point out how smart he or she is. A comedian must be given such a moniker by others.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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