Kelly Carlin (Georges daughter) and Comedian Frank Gallo On this Tues show. 3/20/12 On this Tues Cluster Fuck Radio from 7--10 PM EST . Kelly Carlin (Georges daughter) will be calling in to talk about her one woman play "A Carlin Home Companion" and talk about what it's like growing up as a famous comic's daughter. Rick Santorum Promises War On Porn Industry. The woman who commited Suicide with Chainsaw. 9 Indicted for University Fraternity Hazing. Pennsylvania Family Stripped Naked Outside High School. 600 Pound Man, Says He Faces Eviction. The jerkoff that killed soldier for not believing in God. Woman fail to solve world's easiest math problem. Student Told To Read Langston Hughes Poem 'Blacker'. Pastor Accused Of Throwing Cat Off Bridge. Residents Of Louisiana Town Angered By Drug Arrests. and much much more,, Check it out LIVE this Tues (3/20/12) from 7--10 PM EST on, and Live on I-Tunes. You can join the video chat room and, click the "Listen/chat" tab at top of screen. Thanks CFR

On tonight’s Cluster Fuck Radio (1/31/12) from 7—10 PM EST, Comedian Mike Motz On Cringe Humor's CLUSTER FUCK RADIO tonight Tues 1/31/12 from 7--10 PM EST. Comedian Mike Motz will be hangin out. We'll may be talking about: The Model who walked into an airplane propeller. The Man Marries Dead Girlfriend In Joint Funeral And Wedding. The Man who claims a Ghost Punched His Wife in the face. Joe has admirers. The Joe--Powder fight last week. E-mails from a maniac. If your a real listener of the show, you know we probably won't get to any of this, instead we'll just get drunk and try to make each other cry. Check it out LIVE this Tues (1/31/12) from 7--10 PM EST on Also don't forget to join the animals in the Vid chat room on the Horrible people BUT always a lot of fun. Just Use the "Listen/Chat" tab at top of screen. Thanks CFR


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Cluster Fuck Radio will be LIVE from 7:20 TONIGHT on


Cluster Radio Radio will be LIVE tonight from 7:20 to 10 PM EST tonight on
On tonight’s show:
Comedian Adam Lucidi will be hanging out in studio.
We’ll be talking about:
Sean’s Bombing
The aftermath of Joes rant last week against our buddie Carlo Bellario
French Fashion Company’s picture of kids with a naked man.

Newt Gingrich is a douche.

Bryan goes back to Occupy Wall Street.

Gym Uses Auschwitz Picture in weight lose ad.

Papa John’s don’t like Chinks.

The Teacher Who wrote ‘Stupid’ on Student’s Face.

World’s Heaviest Mom At 600 Pounds, Closes Pay-Per-View Eating Site.

and much much more.

Check it out LIVE this Tues (1/10/12) from 7—10 PM EST on Don’t forget you can also listen and join our vid chatroom using the “Listen/Chat” tab at top of CFR page.


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The Conte and Kenny Show is back ,with Joe Conte and Kenny Michaels after more than a year apart these 2 girls realized they needed to do radio together.

Check them out every Monday night on The Conte & Kenny Show!


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Cluster Fuck Radio is a comedy talk show, Hosted by Comedian Bryan Berner and is heard every Thursday on CFR discusses things that are going on in the world of comedy as well as what’s going on in the world we live in with our own twisted ignorant white trash kind of slant to it. From getting kicked in the balls by a dominatrix to calling out other shows, from confronting past and present friends and girlfriends to airing all our dirty laundry, there is no situation to humiliating for us confront on air.

Cluster Fuck Radio truly lives up to it’s name EVERY Thursday!




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